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The Universe



Iss'rend was the first to be born from Nemo'an , and the first to take pity upon the races; first creating a place for the people to thrive and secondly creating an afterlife for the races to pass on to.

When Iss'rend watched the first mortal pass onto nothingness a tear dripped down her pale face and almost instantly she birthed the after-realm; Deyrn'farwol (or death kingdom).

Further on down the timeline, Iss'rend felt as though the Ewaroed , who before the meddling of Alix were much different, no longer deserved the kingdom of Deyrn'farwol and instead she birthed the Deyrn'gwag (or empty kingdom) for them, a place of eternal emptiness. When she realized she had essentially undone her hard work to create an afterlife for all races, she began to loath herself, and has since not been seen.

Many legends tell of her immortality being revoked, however this is unconfirmed.