The twenty one God's of Dene are creatures of immortal reign over the world of Dene. They are split into two groups; Uw , who are know to be rightous and helpful to their peoples, and the Iso who are know to be inherently evil. Each deity has a name bestowed upon them by Nemo'an , the God of all Gods. Certain Gods are worshipped by certain races and as such, those races bestowed upon the Gods their own race-specific names.

The Uw and Iso roam the world of Dene freely in a form that suits them, changing occasionally when required. Uw are known to show their gifts to the peoples of the world whilst the devilish Iso spend time tricking them. They are all immortal and most have existed before the birth of the sun, this does not include the six sages who recieved their power from the gifter of magic and Uw of the Turiol; Kesh.